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201 You're the Player 31 631
A rare game where you you don't manage a football team! Instead you are a soccer player in an imaginary team. This is run on the managers Football Manager 07 game and to improve yourself as a player a
202 Epic Quest I 31 445
203 Charazay Basketball Manager 30 839
Manage your basketball team
204 Backyard Boxing 30 808
Fight your way to the top.
205 Bleah I 30 653
a new game still under construction if you wanna see a sneek plz look at soon you can visit this game on
206 Daimonin MMORPG 30 904
FREE isometric real-time massive multiplayer Online RPG. 2D/3D clients. Playable under Window, Linux and MacOS. Fast expanding world & community. Thousands of items, spells, monsters, quests... Group
207 Lengend of the Green Dragon 30 675
LoGD is a turn based game where you fight monsters to gain levels. Every 15 levels you can fight the Greed Dragon. If you kill the Green Dragon you will become more powerful. The vetern users are ve
208 Five Minute Footy 30 613
A very simple game where you have a number of Goal Cards, and use these cards to score goals in matches. There are various ways you can earn more Goal Cards including a lottery, writing an article fo
209 Empire Forge 30 696
Empire Forge is a turn-based strategy game. Each turn (usually once a week), players submit orders containing text commands which the game server reads and processes. The orders are submitted via a we
210 Beyond The Gates 30 581
Text Based Gladiator game currently in Beta with updates every round. Designed to only take a few minutes a day
211 Legends of Elveron 30 659
Legends of Elveron is a free online multiplayer browser strategy game. Choose between 12 different fantasy races.
212 Bush League Baseball 30 728
In a cartoon-style game, fans manage teams and compete against thousands of other baseball fans. "Bush League Baseball" puts teams in daily match-ups with fictional players, that you can name after pe
213 Kapilands 30 499
Come in the world of Kapilands and become your own boss. This game is all about: Building Build your own empire out of 40 different buildings. What do you want to do? Stock farming? Agriculture? E
214 Chasing Tortoise 30 926
Chasing Tortoise is a free web strategy game inspired by Risk, Dicewars and the like where all players are playing on the same map.
215 Infernalro 30 690
low rate of 25x/25x/25x Firendly gms
216 Black Nova Traders 30 1013
Ever dreamed of being a Starship Captain and trading, battling over star systems?
217 30 533
218 ryan 30 691
219 Epic Quest I 30 460
220 OldMu 30 634
--------------------------- INFO --------------------------- Server Name: OldMu Wersion: 97D + 99 Max Players Online: 100 Hours: 24/7 Dedicated: No From: Poland IP: launcher Port: launc
221 Fall of Nations 29 649
Browser-based game of strategy, guile, and determination. Your mission is to mend a reputation as a powerful figure in the game by amounting soldiers, collecting resources, and slaying all those who o
222 Gates Of Atlantis v1.3 29 725
Siege Wars v1.3 is a free turn based online strategy wargame set in a fantasy world of elves, orcs, dragons and magic. Free online multiplayer wargame. Create a character and rule your kingdom. War wi
223 Voevod Online 29 740
Modern Day Occult, mIRC socket powered battle system, special request races, live game-play with players around the globe & more!
224 eRepublik 29 606
Become a citizen and change the world! eRepublik is about changing the course of history in a huge virtual society. As a citizen in this New World of over 400,000 you have the power to make a diffe
225 FaitH 29 792
FaitH is a Kingdom management browser game. In FaitH, you play the role of an Emperor on a holy quest for dominance. You must pick a Religion and fight off other Religious Emperor with all your mi
226 Jockstocks 29 739
Jockstocks gives you the bucks to buy and sell shares of all the top athletes in 6 pro sports combined into one exciting game. Show your sports savvy and get involved in one of the best communities on
227 AMFA Manager 29 645
Online Multiplayer Football Management Game with realistic gameplay, head-to-head real-time matches, and the chance to earn real money from your team!
228 Z - Fantasy Game 29 753
A strategical fantasy game where you can explore a huge world. It features combat, magic, abilities, construction, diplomacy, quests and alliances. When you use one of the preconstructed heroes it
229 Evolution Sphere 29 677
A futuristic text based RPG, where the only limit is you. Become an armored behemoth, a master artisan or maybe a corporate god! Join a guild to conquer your own piece of the world or simply watch fr
230 Nations of War 29 660 is NOW a good game to play. there are 2 battlefields. Bf1 runs on 20 minute ticks and is slower paced for those that work, go to school or otherwise have a life. Bf2 start
231 VWO 29 548
This is the WWE RPG,It Got Moved here Cuz Somehow the Link Got Deleted and so I Moved it here and this is where u join and play in a cage or single mtch,mabe a royal rumble,and battle it out!Currently
232 Amazon-Survival 29 603
This is a game that is set in the Amazon Rainforest. You start the game with a limited amount of each resource which currently consist of money and crystals. You work your way around the jungle gainin
233 Paper Flight Simulator 29 617
234 Marosia 29 721
Marosia is a text-based browser RPG currently under development.
235 Galaxies Ablaze 28 854
Galaxies Ablaze is a Free Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Game. Join thousands of players in the race to dominate the Galaxy, games last 6 to 8 weeks. We havea proactive approach to cheater dete
236 Rise Of Empires 28 816
In Rise Of Empires you build your empire from the Dark Ages to the Present. Building armies and the economy of your empire influences the future. Very strategic.
237 Foundation : the game 28 1374
An online real time strategy game mixing space battles, political affairs, trade, adventure and power. The game can host more than 10 000 players simultaneously. You will consecutively represent the d
238 Divine stars II - Xera threat 28 719
The second part of online real time strategy space economics and warfare game
239 UMSL - Soccer Management 28 608
UMSL - a fight to become the best online football manager around. Guide your team to success through Inter-League competitions, competiting against real managers, and battling in the league, cups, auc
240 TribeStrive 28 585
Of the innumerable simulations in the world, most can be easily classified. There are wargames, there are diplomatic games, and there are games of civilization. And among these games there are obvious
241 Anaroch 28 702
Check the site for a description!
242 HexWorld Game Systems 28 591
HexWorld produces and hosts several games. You can see our products in our homepage ( Where you can choose between Finnish and English pages). There are free games for beginners and you can play these
243 WGameZone Promisance 28 671
Promisance, A web browser based game of strategy, politics, war and alot more. Be part of a clan make new friends or be a lone wolf the choice is yours. Join in one of the best online comunitys now.
244 Dragon Riders of Kreysthahl 28 598
Welcome to a world where dragons have existed since time immemorial. There are only a few dragon riders left and Ribbons will soon fall. Can you stand idly by or join the ranks of the dragon riders?
245 Fatelords: Online space strategy game 28 656
Fatelords is free massively multiplayer strategy game. Build spaceships, capture planets, espionage your enemies and create powerful clans in the battle for universe domination.
246 DarkMafia 28 751
Pimps And Bitches. Make a Crew, Turn Tricks, Slap Your Hoes, Be the biggest pimp in the game. Features being added.
247 Ultimate Empire 28 633
The game is about to manage your own empire while you have to deal with war, spy, technology research, construction, and many more... Come on and have fun!!!
248 Onlinesoccermanager 28 718
249 onlinetennis 28 662
250 Dragons Kingdom 28 564
build characters, guilds, strongholds etc as you fight monsters and prepare to fight the great dragon!
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