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.: Steel Law Online :.
URL - click here to play
Group RPG
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free
Platform Any
Client Downloadable program
Plugin Java
Graphics 2D Graphics
Time Real Time
Length Open Ended
Added By DystopianRhetoric
Added 2004-12-17 04:07:17
Steel Law Online is an engrossing player based game set in the future on a giant cityship. The thrust of the game is conspiracy, player interaction and role play.

While I am not the creator of the game, they have this to say about it:

What is Steel Law Online?
Steel Law Online is a hybrid massively multiplayer online game - part roleplaying game, part strategy game and part conspiracy game. In the world you assume the roles of cops, assassins, spies, corporate slime and others on a gigantic city-sized spaceship in a far future time and place where adventure, conspiracy and betrayal is never far away. It is a world which you can really affect with your actions, but it is also a world where the consequences of your actions may come back to bite you.

Involving Game Play:
Steel Law Online is a game about conspiracies, subterfuge, power struggles and empire building. It is a world built on power and risk, which you affect with your actions, but it is also a world where the consequences of your actions may come back to bite you.

What You Do:
Battle ancient alien menaces, join cults, research new technology, trade, lead organisations, reactivate the massive spaceship, conquer territory, plot and carry out a wide range of player-versus-player missions, infiltrate the enemy organisations, acquire wealth, power and control.

The Personal Touch:
Steel Law Online is a game about our players and their actions. Our players will be valued members of the crew on-board the Charon CityShip. To help fulfil this aim we will actively be involving the players in the decisions that affect the world as a whole.

Player Driven Missions:
With its Player Driven Mission System, our players are placed very much at the centre of the action. Their actions are centre of the action. They will get to decide which paths the giant spaceship takes, which worlds it visits and ultimately its very fate.

Player Controlled Monsters:
Feel like a break from the conspiracies? Log in as a monster for a bit of mindless entertainment as you deal out crunchy death to your shipmates.

Games For Busy People:
Steel Law Online is a game by adults for adults (over 18's only). Steel Law Online is for those players who want to get involved in online games but can't afford to spend hours online every day.

Multi-Platform Gaming:
Steel Law Online is built in Sun's Java and Java Webstart, which means it is multi-platform, running on Windows, OS X and Linux (and any other operating system that supports Java).

Ease of Access:
Steel Law Online has advanced game play integration with the website making much of the gameplay available to players from any web browser so they can play it at home, at work or wherever they happen to be!

History of Steel Law Online
Steel Law Online is based on the Steel Law tabletop roleplaying game, stories and more created over the last 18 year period. It deals with adult issues in ways that are both exciting, but also involving. Issues such as the triad of truth versus power, power versus risk, risk versus the truth - where black and white judgements conflict with a reality where everything is subjective. Mankind (and its myriad progeny) face tough times - but where there is great danger there is great hope.

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