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.: Galactic Outlaw :.
URL - click here to play
Group Strategy
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free Trial
Platform Any
Client Browser
Plugin None
Graphics 2D Graphics
Time Real Time
Length Open Ended
Added By Galactic Outlaw
Added 2006-01-21 02:30:41
Galactic Outlaw introduces continuous play gaming. Galactic Outlaw is a MMORTS that is real time in the truest sense. Galactic Outlaw features an interactive HTML interface that does not require any downloads, plug-ins, or helper programs. While you're logged into the game you're on the bridge of your flagship with real time control. Use your flagship to explore and discover.

From your flagship you control your fleet of ships to carry out your mission. When you logout of the game your flagship's cloaking device is engaged so you are protected from detection, or attack. However, your fleet and your home world are not. Your mission and your plan play on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in real time.

Galactic Outlaw contains RPG elements in an open scenario forum. You define your character, species, and your mission. You attempt to carry out your plan while other players attempt to carry out their plans. As we like to say "Just like real space **** happens". Is your best plan good enough?

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2006-03-12 Addictive and Interesting
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