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URL - click here to play
Group RPG
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free
Platform Any
Client Telnet
Plugin None
Graphics Text
Time Tick Based
Length Open Ended
Added By Jonus
Added 2006-06-21 02:29:49
KinslayerMUD is a FREE Wheel of Time based online role-playing game, including unrestricted PvP/PK, clans, classes, races, and an all-original world to roam. Kinslayer offers a variety of quests and goals, including capture-able cities, PvP rankings, player-run clans, and live, interactive quests.

Become a vicious Trolloc or a human Borderguard as you roam throughout the world shaped by the hands of Lews Therin Kinslayer.

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