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.: Bloodsport Colosseum :.
URL - click here to play
Group Strategy
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free Trial
Platform Any
Client Browser
Plugin None
Graphics Text
Time Tick Based
Length Open Ended
Added By Pitmaster
Added 2006-10-05 04:49:56
Bloodsport Colosseum is a gladiator sim like no other! Set in the future, fights take place in a retro-style colosseum where the only weapons allowed are those used by ancient gladiators. So how can you be sure it's set in the future? You CAN'T!

Hire a team of gladiators, train them, equip them, and set up their daily fights. Challenge other gladiators directly while waiting for the daily fights to happen! Choose their riskiness, which has a direct impact on their longevity, short-term survival, experience and skill gains, and money gained from the arenas. Put them into the one-on-one arenas or the enormous free-for-all arenas. Laugh when they slowly wear themselves down, as battle scarring from fight after fight turns once-unstoppable champions into blubbering babies. Fire those who are no longer useful, and bring in fresh blood.

As you gain fame and fortune, new opportunities will show themselves, allowing better equipment purchases and more powerful gladiators to hire.

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2006-10-05 Bloodsport Colosseum goes beta!
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