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.: Legend of the Green Dragon :.
URL - click here to play
Group RPG
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free
Platform Any
Client Browser
Plugin None
Graphics Text/Static 2D Graphics
Time Real Time
Length Open Ended
Added By d3jsp
Added 2007-07-31 19:10:39
Game Basics:

The currency used in LOGD is Gold and Gems. It is possible to trade Dragon Gold for Forum Gold and vice versa. Since all gear/Clans are purchased with Dragon Gold, trading Forum Gold for Dragon Gold is essentially the same as trading for all else.

In LOGD, you start as a Farmboy/Farmgirl at level 1, your quest is to reach level 15 in order to become strong enough to slay the Dragon.

You may fight in the forests to gain experience, gold, and gems. Random events occur 12.5% of the time, they can be good or bad!

If you choose "Go Thrillseeking," you will be fighting monsters that are higher level than you, and will receive extra experience.

If you choose "Go Slumming," you will be fighting monsters that are lower level than you, and you will be rewarded less experience.

If you win a flawless battle, meaning a battle in which you won without being hit, you gain an extra turn. Turns determine how many more forest fights you can have. If you stumble upon an random event you will not lose any turns.

Note: If you win a flawless battle while going slumming, you will not be rewarded an extra turn.

You may pay a fee to heal at the Healer's Hut in the forest if you need to. Better weaponry are available at the Weapon and Armor shops. If you are killed, you will be sent to the Graveyard. You can either kill monsters in the Graveyard by "Tormenting" them to accumulate enough favour for Ramius to resurrect you, or simply wait for the next game day to roll in to be resurrected. You will lose all of your Gold and Experience on hand when you die. It may be wise to deposit your gold in the bank when you plan on saving them.

When you have gained enough experience, you can go challenge the current master of your level, question him first to see if you are ready. When you defeat him, you will advance onto the next level.

Multis will be BANNED!

The Bank:

The LOGD Bank is a place for you to keep your money safe. It may pay up to 10% interest. If you are super rich and have over 50000 gold deposited, the Bank will cease to pay you any interest.

You can transfer gold 5 times per game day. The maximum you are allowed to transfer/receive is 100 x your current in game level. This allows you to trade Forum Gold for Dragon Gold.

Game Day:

Each "Game Day" grants you 30 turns, and each game day is 4 hours real time. So there are 6 game days per real day, and 180 turns per day. You will not receive additional turns for missing game days, the maximum you will be given is 30 at any given point. (Without item boosts)

Game Titles:

Game titles are determined by the number of Dragon Kills you have. You can slay the Dragon once every 15 levels. The starting title is Farmboy/Farmgirl, the highest title is God/Goddess.

Game Clans:

It costs 5000 Gold and 1 Gem to start your Clan. Once made, your Clan Tag or the Short name of your Clan will be displayed in front of your name during Chat.


You can gain points by referring players to this game when they reach level 4. For details check in the Hunter's Lodge in game.

In Game Buffs:

There are many in game buffs available, it is up to you to find out for yourself!


Charm is a hidden attribute that will never be revealed to you, however, if your Charm is high enough you may advance in flirting levels with Seth or Riya in the Inn. If you can successfully marry them (very high Charm is required), you will receive a very nice buff that lasts quite long.

In Game Chatting:

There are many places in the game in which you can chat in. For example the Inn or the Garden. Find out other places for yourself!

Character Info:

Each different race has their benefits and drawbacks. For example Dwarfs are naturally good at mining gold from mines, and Elves are naturally keen and defensive.

You can choose 1 of the 3 specialties, Dark Arts, Mystic Powers or Thievery. Find out what each yield in your own adventure!

Your Spirit is an important factor, for example if it is Low you will lose a Turn upon the new day.

Find out the many other aspects of the game for yourself!

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