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.: The Warrior King :.
URL - click here to play
Group RPG
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free
Platform Any
Client Browser
Plugin None
Graphics 2D Graphics
Time Turn Based
Length Close Ended
Added By thewarriorking
Added 2007-10-09 23:00:48
Over the course of 10 days, a player will assume the role of a warrior king leading his or her army into battle with another player’s kingdom, while at the same time maintaining the resources needed for such warfare & keeping a stable & prosperous kingdom. Every player starts out with their kingdom & then has the ability to join other players in an empire. It is up to every individual king to contribute to the empires army & well-being. The types of attacks are very similar to that of real medieval combat; one could choose from face to face battle, raiding armories, plundering the food supply, stealing gold, & of course, the hardest possible, kidnapping the enemy’s queen. There are many routes one could use to accomplish domination; for instance, a king could hire spies to work for them in their enemy’s kingdom. The spy would send reports every 15 minutes as to what & where the opponent’s weaknesses are. To be successful on, one must stress on teamwork. You cannot win the game being without forming alliances and NAPs (no attack policy). Achieving the ultimate goal, & thus winning the round, one would need to be able to collect the most gold, have the strongest army & assume control over the largest amount of land possible. The user interface is also designed in such a manner that this game will take you to the past. You can live the life of a king from the Middle Ages virtually.

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