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URL - click here to play
Group RPG
Multiplayer Unlimited
Online / Offline Online Only
Cost Free
Platform Microsoft Windows
Client Browser
Plugin None
Graphics Text
Time Real Time
Length Open Ended
Added By dott
Added 2011-11-05 02:11:15
Esperanza or ESP is a realistic outlaw biker role playing game. This game is completely browser based there are no downloads.

You will start your outlaw life as a free rider barely making a living for himself in the streets. Clubs will approach you with offers to join their club. From there you will be known as a "Hang-Around". Hanging out with the club, participating in rides and trying to make a name for yourself. Once the "President" recognizes you and see you're a loyal and a hard worker he might ask you up to "Prospect" for the club. You will do jobs for patched-members in the club, sell drugs, run guns and do various other tasks. Once you've earned the respect from the club, you'll get "Patched-In" as a full fledged member of the club.

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