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1947 Era Conspiracy Play by Post Game, Gnarus Arcani MCMXLVII
Type News
Game General
Submitted by laveaux
Created 2005-06-23 09:43:30
DragonMuse Network presents Gnarus Arcani, MCMXLVII (GA1947), a Play by Post Role Playing Game. At its very core it is a community of writers who use game rules to organize cooperative stories. This game of conspiracy and intrigue is centered around the secret politics and societies of post World War II. The rise of communism and the fall of imperialism are only backdrops to an explosion of high politics, espionage, secret warfare, supernatural terror, and mysterious adventure.

Launched in March, Gnarus Arcani has seen great success. A thriving community of very prolific writers and storytellers, GA1947 has recently seen expansions on its site including a portal and chat gaming. The forums allow for games run by a Game Master, free form role-playing, and a place for players to run their own games.

Come See the Adventure

An American spy-to-be in Berlin finds his sister is kidnapped and his full cooperation with the enemy is the only way to get her back. Deeper in the Soviet bloc, a recently returned veteran of the Red Army joins the KGB on a mission to a secret nuclear development city in Siberia. In Seoul, a woman begins her journey on an ancient and spiritual quest. In Washington DC, an archeologist is about to uncover some very ancient and powerful secrets. Meanwhile, another intellectual is jumping right smack into an alien conspiracy leading him to Colorado. The U.S. capital is embracing the mob, evident by a sidewalk musician who was given Bugsy Seagal's payoff list. And we all know Washington DC has its problems, but. . . zombies?? New York isn't fairing much better, when a young connected guy gets wrapped up in the sick musings of married thieves. In the same city, uptown a Japanese chemist begins working for a crime lord . . . what could possibly go wrong? Halfway across the world a National Geographic photographer is on the hunt for a local devil. Whisked away to Rio de Janeiro, one woman is lost in a torrent of international intrigue surrounding her deceased husband. In London, a woman meets a curious man who offers her a job fixing up old churches. One unfortunate fellow is being dragged into the dark past as a strange secret begins to reveal itself. An AWOL Mexican soldier pummels through Europe looking for his estranged love. Looking for a job, this woman found a career hunting ghosts and is en route to Chichen Itza to pursue vampires. Having just arrived, a Swede discovers the seedier parts of London. After passing a test with the Ministry of Defence, exchanging secret documents with Russian Spies and become an enemy of the state,this man went for some wine and dining with Britain's beautiful elite. And in Dublin, an IRA affiliate becomes a soldier for the Vatican.

January 3rd, 1947 just began, don’t miss out!


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