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Type Review
Game Global Insanities
Submitted by Yournotme
Created 2005-08-03 06:34:42
The admin of the game decided that some people had to much money. Some of these people havent been playing to long to have so much money. So they were cheating (or he says). So if you play this game its just a matter of time before the admin changes the rules to suit him.
Stating that Players had to much money:
The reason new players had so much money:

I have been playing this game since he was making it. Sorry but if you dont agree with me on my reasoning but this is true bs.

The game is good to play but sorry you just cant have this kind of stuff in a game.

denominator 2005-11-04 07:26:55
I hope your talking about VOW how do you get a character how do you get in!!!

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