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Foudation: The Game by Cactus
Type Article
Game Foundation : the game
Submitted by Qactus
Created 2005-12-18 03:09:10
When you first play this game it seems really "easy" and "simple" . Your first log may last about 5 minutes if you don't read the whole rules. This cause many to leave, though they don't know what they are missing. True you can play in 5 minutes a day, but on higher levels it may takes up to 2-3 logs a day to get your promotions.

In fact, it's a real-time game where actions you set take between "few minutes" and "more than a day". As an exemple, setting an attack in most of the levels will take 6 hours, meaning if you log just 6 hours after, you will be able to set new orders. Nothing else will happen if you log few hours after, except if you're fighting with someone else.

You have also some politicians, 3 in the first level, more later. They can do many tasks (killing other leaders, make politics, find new planets and explore the planet).

In fact, it is a discovery game with 11 levels, and each time you promote, you'll learn new things. And since there is room to Role-Play, you can create up to 3 accounts. Let's say you would like to be Evil and Good, you can do it. Many personnalities may take more time though, especially if you go often on the forums.

Even if the game is free, you can encourage the creator of the game by buying credits, Those are not needed, but they can help you buying items on planets. Some items are free, and you can sell them to others if you don't want to buy credits, though.

If I had to give a mark to that game, I would do it more or less like that:

Graphics: 7/10

(improvements are worked)

Stress: 10/10

(waiting a kill for few minutes is...cannot be described...)

Diplomacy: 8/10

(It always depend if you are on a sector full of players, or almost alone. The more players we get, the less empty sector we'll have)

Strategy: 10/10

(Strong point of the game, there are more possibilities of doing the missions than we could think of, with the help of items and good timing, there's no end to what you can do)

Role-Playing: 8/10

(Some players are not able to role-play and act as a player, not a character. Others will never talk as a player and make up very good stories around themselves.)

hannsolo 2006-01-12 06:05:30
It's very disappointing loosing a good killer. Because when you have a leader which is one of the best killer in the galaxy, he appears on top 10 list and everybody wants to kill him. That's what happened to one Cactus' leader.

There is also a secret level nobody knows and we can't speak of this here, just to tell then log is more important cos you can become the master of the galaxy. It's really amazing.

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