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AOD - New Features List
Type News
Game General
Submitted by blackpawn
Created 2006-04-26 06:24:38
AOD has had a lot of updates in the past few weeks

New Features List
Vacation Mode - Now you can put your account in vacation mode and not have to worry about the other attacking you while your on vacations .

Protection Mode - This mode is like vacation mode except you can keep playing while in this mode and nobody can touch you .

New Units - Now there is 8 units for offense and 8 units for defense

Level Protection - Now anyone under level 10 is now protected except if you let your bank account go over 30mil or your total power goes above 30mil or if your inactive for more then 48 hours .

Market - There is now a place to buy more attack turns,citizens and units without having citizens .

Slave Traders - Now you can sell your citizens off as slaves for a nice price of 25,000 gold pieces of buy some new slave citizens for 125,000 gold pieces .

New Attack System - Now there is three types of attacks you can make
1 Normal Attacks for stealing gold from the enemy's hand
2 Kidnapping Attacks for kidnapping your enemy's citizens
3 Bank Raids for steal their gold right from there banks

New Quest System - The quest system has been redone and now it has better rewards and quest level for more difficulty.

A lot more is planned for AOD so if you haven't played in awhile or haven't played now is the time to come back and play .

Hope to see you soon !



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