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A Great Game!
Type Review
Game Unification Wars Massive Online Game
Submitted by Killa11
Created 2006-04-29 16:42:05
I like the way how one empire starts from weak to a strong empire within a day or so. The game is made to let new players adapt easily to the game itself. SFU isn't all about battles, there are other things you can do like training and manage ministers to improve your empire. You can also chat while waiting for turns to come out. There are ways to make your empire grow bigger and more secure like joining a federation where your fedmates can help you out by sending reinforcements and maybe even some credits.. :) SFU is basically a strategy soon to be a MMORPG game but for now it needs more players. You'll enjoy the game and make a lot of friends as well. Work your way up the ladder to the top..


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