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Fleets of Anarchy Chaos
Type News
Game General
Submitted by FOA
Created 2006-05-22 13:24:51
The sister game to FOA, which lives up the the title of the game; Anarchy. This version has no limits and resets every 4 months with the top figher being rewarded at the end. Again, there are no rules and limits, so it is true Anarchy!

Chaos Info:
Fleets of Anarchy, Chaos version is a highly competitive, round based version of FoA-Classic. This version is mainly targeted for users that enjoy fighting, attacking, and any other way you can find to kill your way to the top. Due to the fact that Chaos is more combat oriented, as well as round based there are a few changes to game rules:

* No level attack limits
* No Bank to store gold
* Much smaller fleets
* Higher Energy regeneration
* Round Score, based on everything about your character
* Resets every 4 months

So if you enjoy focusing in combat, and a much faster paced rpg, then join FoA Chaos.


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