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And the Community Continues to Grow...
Type Review
Game Lands of Hope
Submitted by Balthazar
Created 2006-06-11 10:16:35
The game is doing great, and the playerbase continues to skyrocket. A few weeks ago, Lands of Hope was added to, and it is definitely a success. I believe we gain about 100 new accounts, on average, per day. Now, that doesn't mean all of those players continue to play, and work on building a character, but it's a step in the right direction. I can say, personally, that I see new players, on a daily basis. I hope to see more members of this community to join, for good, or at least take a few moments to learn the game, and interact with the community. Thank you, for all of those that have done so. Whether you decided to stick around, or felt the game just wasn't the game for you, your interest is still appreciated. I hope to see the community grow even greater, and I hope to see more players from the this community to try out the game. Again, thank you for your interest. Happy gaming, everyone. =)


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