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Lands of Hope - The Westervale Curse
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2006-08-30 01:55:01
The Lands of Hope staff would like to announce the addition of a major new quest and 2 new dungeons, the Westervale Curse centers around the Westervale family and a hideous curse that befell them 50 long years ago,

The Westervale Crypt dungeon, has over 100 rooms of monster filled goodness and while you can do the dungeon in conjunction with the quest you can also do it on its own, you have to be level 25 or higher to complete this dungeon.

The Fleshcrawlers Cave dungeon, has 65 rooms of monsters and is also tied to the quest but can be completed on its own, struggle through the hordes of undeads to kill the evil beast known as Fleshcrawler and free the Westervale family curse ... or simply have fun slaughtering evil looking monsters.

New Game Server
August has been a good month for us, we have moved to a totally awesome host (ressurrecting domain) and a much faster server, the new server is a Dual Core Intel Xeon Processor machine with, 2GB of RAM and allows the game to run extremely fast. Lands of Hope is a server intensive game, it has to be due to the hundreds of unique and advanced features it contains, the new server will enable the game to grow further and provide our players with an excellent platform for future development.

Other News
Within the last few weeks we have updated and released an enhanced challenge system that features an entire realm dedicated to Allegiance challenges, allegiance challenges run approximately every two weeks and involve the three allegiances battling it out to unlock rewards and strengthen their standing in the lands of myzan.

About Lands of Hope
Lands of Hope is a browser based online role playing game, dwarfing most other games in this genre by its size and playability.

Set in the fictional land of Myzan, you can choose to play LoH as one of 4 Allegiances (Neutral, Exile, Society and Reaper), the story is still in its infancy but revolves around the age old rivalry between the Exiles and Society and the growing power of the Undead Allegiance known as the Reapers.

As you journey around the 12 massive realms that make up Myzan you will encounter hundreds of monsters, thousands of quests and gain new powers.

Lands of Hope features a very comprehensive Interface system that allows you to access game features through menus, there are hundreds of menus and over 600 screens that make up the game.

There are few browser based games like LoH and its staff are dedicated to ensuring that it stays like it !

Visit for more information and to signup/play.


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