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The Five Pillars begins a new Jumpstart Server!
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Firedart
Created 2006-09-26 04:54:14
A new beginning for The Five Pillars Come join this free online MMORPG today, and start playing on a brand new server, titled the 'Jumpstart Server'!

We do what we do best. Survive and evolve. Be ready to take on new challenges and reclaim the glory that has been spilled blood on and prized. Among other interesting changes, the most valuable resource of the game will be in abundance to get you a jump start! This gives you the opportunity to accomplish countless tasks when you begin. But the same goes for the rest of the mages. So be careful what you do, when you do it and who you do it to.

The new Jump Start Server has just opened! When creating a mage, you are free to choose which realm of magic to master. With the help of a guild, guides or mentors, the powers of swamps, deserts, glaciers, forests and mountains will bend to your will. A new arena for building, researching, casting spells, exploring and invading awaits.

A new world has been created, we look forward to seeing you stake your claim and defend it!

-PR Group
The Five Pillars


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