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New round And new game!!!!!
Type News
Game General
Submitted by cohan1219
Created 2007-03-01 16:36:35
Global Wars has gone thruogh many changes over the past few months but the lastest has got to be the best of all.
in the game every Country has 5 "bot" players which are simi controlled by the gov. officails.
The computer players act as real players and will either do thier own thing or do as thier country tells them..
If you get in office in your country you can get bots to train and build a certian way and even ask them to help you attack an enemy! as long as the bots are able to attack they will.
The bots will also attack players in any country your country is at war with without you having to do anything, but if there happends to be a certain 1 you want them to help you with they will.
The bots log in and out at dif. times just as players do and will replay to messages, send you aid(in some cases),and even put up a good fight if you happen to attack them while their loged in.
The use of these bots are great. They not only will help thier country mates but also give good compatition as far as the ones in countrys other then your own.
1 great thing is that they can be trusted where some of your real teammates my not
So come check it out! This is surely something you've never seen in an online browser game before.


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