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Kapilands first Contest and its Newspaper
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Aru
Created 2007-03-24 03:23:08
After a great attendance the first contest in Kapilands is nearly over – and the next will come for sure...
The Kapilands community also successfully managed to publish its own newspaper!

About 10 days ago the Kapilands Team announced the first contest of the English version! The players had to produce as much low quality Lemons as possible. After a great attendance and a really huge amount of Lemons the contest will end tonight and it looks as if the company “Litefin Supplies PLC” would win with a score of over 2,5 millions.
The Kapilands Community also established an own newspaper. It will be released every week on Sunday and will, next to recent information about the Kapilands world, also contain small competitions where player can win nice little prices.
So congratulations to the winners of the recent contest and good luck to everybody for the upcoming ones and the newspaper competitions!


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