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Strive For Power
Type News
Game Strive for Power
Submitted by FloriZeus
Created 2004-04-02 13:27:20
Strive for Power is an open-ended, web based Role-Playing game. In a world full of Danger and Challenge you lead a small party of Adventurers on their Quests for Good or for Evil. Starting with inexperienced, weak and untrained characters, it is your duty to make them strong by fighting other creatures. One day your chars may become famous within the Strive for Power Community and turn into Heroes or even Gods walking the surface of the World.

The game is set in two different continents, the Old World where most good beings live and most parties struggle for survival and the New World with its various Islands where many hideous, powerful and dangerous monsters are waiting for prey. Cities provide haven and supply you with items of all kinds. In dungeons you can risk Death and Defeat by Challenging fate and engaging hosts of hostile monsters.

When you start your venturing in this dangerous world, you choose characters for you party. A char has a choice of five classes and four races. Your chars may also need equipment: weapons, armour, herbs for casting spells... When you feel ready, you can leave the city and go looking for dungeons. You can also gather rumours to locate places like these quicklier.

Every now and then you can make your characters train skills they have used. As their abilities progress they may do several tasks and actions faster and better. As your party improves you will get more and more in contact with Magic. Magic is an essential element of Strive for Power and itís found in many different ways. Magi and Healers cast spells, some of your opponents will cast too, there are herbs that are magical and one day you may even come accross a rare magic item.

Many challenges await you in the Old World and even more in the New World. There is enough variety for your party to play Strive for Power for years without getting bored or tired with it.

Stive for Power is more than the game itself. There exists a group of people, know as the SfP community, that are enchanted by and compelled to playing this game. There are about 2000 parties of whom a core group of about eighty players daily spends multiple hours online. This core group interacts with each other by means of the Game Chat and the Forum. People role-play, give hints, sell and buy items and even tell the latest Dwarven-Kobold jokes. Most of this players spend multiple hours a day online.

Strive for Power is more than just a game, it is a way of life...


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