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Nations of War has 1st KING OF THE HILL...
Type Article
Game General
Submitted by joeloach
Created 2007-10-13 20:20:39 is pleased to announce that Battlefield 1 has been
reset, and there are some changes that have been decided upon by the players
for this upcoming King of the Hill contest!

1 player PER Country, and no use of the treasury as a result.

NO "Protection-mode" for the entire round, Man...errr Woman up for this

The reason for 1 player per Country is to eliminate 2-3 dominate aka GOOD
players from bashing the smaller, less active (but still desiring a GAME too
play) players while still allowing unlimited attacks for everyone.

Ticks will begin at 10 minutes each for the initial "noob period" and the
1st full week, they will then decline to 5 minutes each tick at a
pre-designated time!

As YOU sign up for this new round, YOU must post which Country YOU choose in
a new thread in the WORLD FORUM that will not be opened until after we reset
and signups have begun at a pre-arranged time...back to players controlling
their destiny.

Whomever signups AND post's in the thread that will be in the World Forum
will have their choice of all remaining Countries, if your choice is gone
then choose another, because you were too slow in signing up.

Commando's will be more expensive to discourage the early and wanton use of
them to demolish a player, they will be available and they will still be a
lethal killing equalizer for those whom utilize them. They will be a deadly
force later in the round when the pace of ticks and your income dramatically

When you sign up there will only be ONE COUNTRY Listed, AFTER you have
signed up you may immediately reply to the post in the WORLD FORUM about
selecting the Country of your choice. Be fast, be very very fast to get the
one that you desire! Here are your POSSIBLE choices, Japan will be our
signup Country.

Best of luck,

The ADMIN team at


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