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Medieval enconomy simulation Kapi Regnum launches English server
Type News
Game Kapi Regnum
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2007-10-23 07:48:24
The successful medieval economy simulation Kapi Regnum has finally launched its first English server. Within the first 24 hours of its launch, more than 500 eager player joined Realm 1 of Kapi Regnum, eager to make their fortune in the Middle Ages - and the numbers are rising with every second.

Are you ready to make your fortune in the past?

Based on the successful browser game Kapilands, this economy simulation is set in the High Middle Ages and draws you into the days of knights and maidens, horse-drawn carriages and market stalls, with its beautifully rendered, picturesque 3D-graphics.

Another war has ravaged the countryside, the fields are barren, the people starving. It is up to you to build your own village, make it prosper and rise from a humble hamlet to a blooming medieval metropolis. Starting with the rank of a villein, use your talents as trader, to become Archduke.

Build your city from up to 40 different buildings. Would you like to specialize in cattle-breeding, agriculture, or rather start your own chain of breweries? That's up to you to decide! Use your various workshops to produce up to 80 different products in different qualities; Go to the market place to buy goods from the system or your fellow-players, send and receive contracts and open up your own market stalls. But be sure to hire enough workers, and offer them accommodation and food, or you will find yourself faced with a discontent and rebellious population ...

Dive into the Middle Ages and become the founder of your own empire! Your subjects are awaiting your orders!


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