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A Happy New Year for upjers
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-01-03 07:38:13
Christmas has always been the time for games, though the traditional board games have mostly been replaced by computer games during the past 2 decades on most teenagers’ (or grown ups’) wish lists to Santa.

Despite the run on the newest hand held or PlayStation games, a large number of gaming fans used their Christmas-break to explore the quickly expanding realm of browser games. As a result, the successful German browser game provider upjers was able to record the magic mark of 1.000.000 registered users on its websites.

The economy simulation and its medieval equivalent, the strategy game flagged by the Jolly Roger, the racing manager and the fantasy role-playing game have helped the company upjers become one of the leading developers on the still young browser game market. Available in various languages, the games offer a long-term entertainment value, professional graphics as well as a lively gaming community.

A wonderful start into the New Year indeed, and we can be sure to expect which several new releases by the inventive team in 2008, as well as new translations of the already existing games. Currently in its open Beta stage is a German version of the company’s newest simulation that revolves around the microcosm garden – a lovingly designed twist on the regular economy-simulation with 3D-animations and a high cuteness factor. Due to the run on the limited test-accounts, the company has already switched to larger servers and started to offer additional accounts. English-speaking players needn’t worry, though, as an English version of the game will most likely be released soon after the German beta test has successfully been completed.


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