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Alpha Crime
Type News
Game General
Submitted by kendal
Created 2008-01-18 10:15:14
With less then 2 months off being online and a user base of almost 1000 users you can tell Alpha Crime is growing fast.Some new features that have been added are missions,
there are 30 to complete and pays in game cash when you complete them.You also get 100 turns at exploring the galaxy every day(used to be only 50).You never know what will happen here or what you will find.Also are daily raffels which give away lots of cool things,weapons,armour and even donator packs.Ac continues to grow each day and we continue to add additional feature for a better gaming experience.We always have our ears open and are very active in the game so its not hard to reach us.So,what are you waiting for?Join Alpha Crime now and start your battle to take over the galaxy.Kendal(ID1)


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