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News from the Middle Ages
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-01-18 10:31:07
Almost three months after the launch of the first English server of the medieval economy simulation Kapi Regnum, the game keeps attracting new players. More than 15.000 users have already been drawn to build up their own business empire in a medieval setting and a lively community has developed.

An exciting new addition to fans of the Middle Ages has been the in-game journal, which has published its first edition right in time for the Christmas holidays.

An interesting mixture of articles about medieval traditions, recipes, quizzes (with prizes such as a Philosopher’s Stone) and interviews with successful players who share some of their trading secrets, the journal has proven to be a highly popular addition to the world of Kapi Regnum.

Just in time for the journal’s third addition, which will appear this Sunday, the first Kapi Regnum trading contest will be launched. Players will get the chance to win medals and contest certificates, by producing and selling the asked-for goods to the official competition board.

For new players, this contest offers a wonderful opportunity to head off for a successful start into the economic world of Kapi Regnum. Selling the necessary raw materials needed for the production of the sought for good will help new starters receive enough money, to build the foundation of their own medieval empire.

Not registered yet? Then use this one-time opportunity to make your fortune in the Middle Ages and visit

therian 2008-01-20 14:03:34
Hi Guys!

Therian here from Kapi-Regnum; the third edition of the Regnum Journal has now been published (20-01-08) featuring two curious articles about Alchemy, and of course the actual Philosopher's Stone.

Interested in the Journal, or Kapi Regnum itself? Then sign up for an account - It's Free!

Once registered just keep an eye out for a flashing icon labelled "Journal".

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