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Cantr II Moderation Issues
Type Review
Game Cantr II
Submitted by NaruShadow
Created 2008-04-04 17:23:21
Although Cantr itself is a good game, the moderation tends to be quite harassing. I am currently looking in to a possible illegal act as I fear they have hacked my computer to try and prove that I was "cheating" with my friend. It is a fun game, but I would recommend not playing. They want the game to be life-like, but the second you do something even remotely like you would in real life they lock your account, make up rules that apply only to you (they "interpret the rules on a case-by-case basis" as I was explained), and make you promise that you will follow said rules before they lock your account. If you do something they don't approve of, even once, even some small, pointless thing, they continue to monitor your account constantly and they continuously message you and harass you. As I've said, the game is good, but the majority of the moderation are just a bunch of asinine, over-pompous, egotistical, control freaks. It's actually quite Orwellian to be honest. I noticed in the review that was titled "An Unbiased Review", the writer explained how there was a very high dropout rate amongst new players. They assumed it was due to the text-based form of the game, but in truth, the majority of players leave due to harassment from the moderation. What the moderators fail to realize is that they wish the game to be life-like, but they try to control everything you do. This effectively dulls down the game and makes it extremely boring. As a result, a lot of people tend to leave.

cantrplayer 2010-01-05 20:46:05
Ok, first of all, all the people supporting the mods of Cantr, are most likely the mods of Cantr.
The fact is, the players are often harassed for doing nothing. It has happend to about half of the population. As for the other half, they fall into the category of being over harassed for a minor offense.
The biggest problem is that the mods are players. One of my players killed some mod guys player, so then I logged on the next day to find my account locked for some bogus reason. When I was finally able to get back on (with the mod admitting he was "mistaken"), some other player had traveled to my town, broken locks going directly to the room I was in, and killed my character after saying many nasty things. I tried to report this in hopes that it was just one bad apple of thier staff, but my continous email were simply ignored.
Cantr is a great game that I suggest everybody should try out. Although what ruins the whole game is the mods.
The mods are the biggest cheaters themselves. And everybody else is powerless to stop them. Its very sad how they ruin the game.
Sunni 2009-06-11 12:19:34
Usually those who have an issue with moderation, do not agree with rules and want them changed. I have had issues with moderation, but it was easily settled , without this so called harassment. The moderators work hard at what they do, and with out pay for the many hours they put in. A text based role play game such as cantr, is not for everyone. It is slow in progression as you play with people from all over the world. Alot of newcomers try it and don't like the 'slowness' or the reading and writing involved. I find it very hard to believe anyone 'hacked' into a computer over a game. I truely enjoy playin but if you feel a need to try and defy rules and try to play on the edge of the rules, yes, you will be watched.
NaruShadow 2009-01-23 01:08:34
Yea, it's been a while since they locked my account, but I'm not friends with the one that kept getting me in trouble anymore. Go figure, haha. Now the only thing that drives me nuts is every time I try to join a dept. they won't let me. Last I tried was PD, like a year after all this crap down there (vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv) stopped and I was told I should take some time to learn the rules better since I have a past case. >/ drives me insane I tell you! lol
Seko 2009-01-10 08:30:07
Usually when a player thinks that the staff is "harassing" him, he's just being oversensitive. I'm glad you got this thing sorted out, Naru, but posting about it here might give a bad image of the game. Sure people should know in advance that if you have several characters pairing up with several characters of some other player, there is reason to believe that you're coordinating events outside the game. People can't control where they spawn but they can control where they travel and who they make friends with. You get much more out of the game if your characters make friends with characters from different people's accounts rather than just one or two.

Pretty much everybody gets contacted by PD sometimes but getting one's account locked is more serious, it's usually either some sort of behavior that might put other players in acute disadvantage or then you've been asked about something and you didn't reply, or you promised not to do something and still kept doing it. And naturally they're going to keep an eye on you if they found you cheating once.
NaruShadow 2008-04-13 18:38:39
Ok first of all...I couldn't understand half of what you said, how old are you? And second, in a reply to what I could understand, I was not actually cheating, I was playing with a few of my friend's characters without realizing it, in all honesty it was complete coincidence, we kept spawning in the same towns and I always found interest in his characters' plans. The mods thought we were discussing the game OOCly, which we weren't, but none the less they made us split up our characters, and that was the end of it, they also promised to alert us if ever our characters came in to contact from that point on. Thats the extent of what happened. If you don't believe me then oh well, but please, learn to spell correctly before you make another harassing reply. :)
CantrFan 2008-04-12 23:13:16
If they kick you severela time, you were cheating. The PDs are very soft whith the rule aplyment, if they close your acount I am shure that you had recibe at less 10 advice from the player department.

Cheater GO HOME!!!

PD: My english is disgusting I am sorry
NaruShadow 2008-04-09 00:40:42
Although I know you're not coming back I shall reply anyway. First off, you misread, I said my computer was hacked, just NOT by them ;) Second, I already know I'm not who you think I am, as I've been a Cantr player for a little over half a year now. Nice try though. :P And yes, you are correct, the green calls to us...muwahahaha
voltenion 2008-04-08 14:15:49
(I don't mind people knowing who I am, but thanks for the concern. And I think I know who you are too :) Seems they didn't accept you? Oh well, I suck at guessing. Probably am wrong. Anyway, I'm not comming back to this place so no need to ask who I think you are [lol] )

Still doubt they hacked your pc but I've got nothing to say here anymore. The rest is for mods to answer(if they have time) as I don't know the full story. bye, and when you do so: Welcome to the game \o (xD,*spooky voice* no one can run from Cantr. It's green calls us all back when he feels like it...)
NaruShadow 2008-04-07 01:49:58
Actually, as it turns out, my computer was hacked, just not by them. It was a wrong place, wrong time sorta thing. However the evidence they said they had turned out to but an error on their part. They misread the events. Perhaps I've just had a few bouts of bad luck, but they've wrongly accused me several times. They've been very kind about it every time though. I never said they changed the rules because they were bored. I said they "interpret the rules for you on a case-by-case basis" which is how it has been explained to me. Ask them if you want that clarified. Although every time I've been accused, they locked my account because they thought I was lying to them. This last time, one of my characters was killed, which is not a big deal, and they did apologize very much for his death. I am not just simply pissed off at them, this is just my personal view on the game. Oh and just an idea, you probably shouldn't be using one of your charrie's names as your account name. People might figure out who you are lol. ;)
voltenion 2008-04-06 18:12:17
lmao, I really doubt that you where hacked by any of Cantr moderators. They are one of the best mods I've ever met in fact. When I had two accounts and they discovered it, (not by hacking, LOL) even after me trying to lie my way out of it, the mod was very nice to me and let me keep my favourite charries from both of my accounts and just joined them into one. Besides they are really really understaffed so it's really hard for them to take care of all those kids arround... And one thing many players forget is that THEY ARE VOLUNTEERS(!!!). Normally, they are the ones who get harrassed. As for the rules, no I don't think they change it in any way just because they had a boring day and feel like being a pain in the ass. The rules are somewhat hard to understand and very easily abused of. So there's the reason for them to be somewhat controlitive and, although they are really few and have their own life, whatch over us :) You probably just not understood it right. And when "something" happens that wasn't suposed too they talk to the player and ask first before making acusations. If the "something" was serius they'll probably lock your account. It may screw you up a bit but they have too or else the game would be controled by CRBers(Capitul rule breachers :) ). As for the droping players another lol on what you said. You seem really pissed of at them and want to make them look very guilty(at everything!). Players drop because the game is not for slow brain people, it's not a "BOOM-BOOOM, KILL-KILL, mwuahahaha me is bettter! Pwned all you n00bz!" game. That's why many people leave, they have no time to learn. As for other people just leave because they feel the game is very addictive or because they have boyfriends and girlfriends who don't like them to play that game because it has relationships on it. And it's more the English player number who's droping, the rest are mostly increasing.

Anyway, to other people, try it out. It's completly different like I said before(not a kill-kill game ;) ) and it's very interisting too. Althought a bit addictive, yes.

Bye, Voltenion. \o

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