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Lands of Hope Eastern Promise Preorder
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2008-04-18 06:22:33
Lands of Hope Eastern Promise Preorder
The Forlorn Games team is very proud to announce the fourthcoming third expansion pack for Lands of Hope called Eastern Promise is now available for pre-order. This third expansion centers around Dragons and Wurms as well as incorporating certain Oriental themes to provide a new playing experience unlike any other in the game today.

The Eastern Promise realm will comprise of 5 territorial areas, each area controlled by a flight of dragons your actions and choices will determine which flight you are permitted to join and your character will undergo a number of changes once you have joined a flight, you will be able to unleash your Dragon Spirit to change into a Dragon for combat and travel, once in Dragon Spirit form your combat options will be tailored to suit the specific flight you belong to, this means your Dragon Spirit choice will determine what options are available to you in combat.

Those people who pre-order the expansion pack will earn themselves a special one of a kind pet Panda, the Panda is so cute and huggable that you may end up spending all your time brushing its hair and feeding it bamboo and forget about playing the rest of the game!

About Lands of Hope
Lands of Hope, is a persistent browser based online role playing game, dwarfing most other games in this genre by its size and playability.

Set in the fictional land of Myzan, you can choose to play LoH as one of 4 Allegiances (Neutral, Exile, Society and Reaper), the story is still in its infancy but revolves around the age old rivalry between the Exiles and Society and the growing power of the undead allegiance known as the Reapers.

As you journey around the 12 massive realms that make up Myzan you will encounter hundreds of monsters, thousands of quests and gain new powers.

Lands of Hope features a very comprehensive interface system that allows you to access game features through menus, there are hundreds of menus and over 800 screens that make up the game.

There are few browser based games like LoH and its staff is dedicated to ensuring that it stays like it!

Visit for more information and to signup/play.


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