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New content Galaxy-Vision server started!
Type News
Game General
Submitted by wrell
Created 2008-04-23 10:12:15
“For many years now the motley fleet had been on it’s course through unknown space.
Since that fateful day when a supernova opened a temporary wormhole and drew into it’s depths ships from the battling fractions.

The once hostile fractions Federation, Rebels, Empire and Alliance learned to live in peaceful co-existence, even supported each other.
They still had different opinions, but those weren’t founded on “birthright”, but on each individuals ideals and so it was only natural that in time more intimate bonds formed.
This was the hour of birth of the clans!

Finally, after years of travelling, the fleet found a uninhabited region of space and here they all parted company. Each clan sought a place to call home on their own."

"So it is written in the history of our forefathers."
"Long live the clans!”

Experience the all new clan system,
battle other players and – finally –
carve a space in history for your clan.
The latest server started on
Friday, 18th April 2008.

Join in on the fray!


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