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Progressive Coompetitive Fun
Type Review
Submitted by Stretch
Created 2004-04-24 03:50:36
The administrators of this game come from down under (aka Australia) so some of the site english spelling is unique. Most of the in gaming bugs have been worked out, and the overally atmosphere of the game is geared toward a strong team envoironment. There are various types of character play and just as many strategies. The guide is short and sweet with the realities of the game shrouded in some amount of mystery. I have played more than 5 rounds and have developed many friendships. People in general are helpful to newbies. The main thrust is finding active players, most sectors/systems/alliances encourage this. At the moment, Seperate alliances are up to the individual Systems, but any round could devolve back to the Metalics vs Bio's. Good storyline as well. There is a shootem up game within the game that may someday have prizes offered for highscore as well.


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