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New features in Medieval Economy Simulation Kapi Regnum
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-06-04 11:17:56
Times change, even in the Middle Ages. And new developments virtually abound in the Realm of Kapi Regnum. New quests, new features, bug fixes, special features and the appearance of a mysterious dark shape: The newly updated version of the medieval economy simulation Kapi Regnum has them all.

The creators of Kapi Regnum have really done a thorough job in giving the game the once over.
All those eager on multiplayer features can look forward to the exciting possibilities the new guild system offers. Players, who’d like to work towards a common goal, can now join forces by forming a guild with common interests, a unifying name, tag, a shoutbox on the game board and even a coat of arms that they can create themselves. To add some additional spice the system, the guild members can combine their efforts and money in order to create a Wonder of the World. Made of marble, the Wonder will grow in size the more the players contribute to the common goal. As reward, the guild members can proudly put a “Wonder of the World certificate” on their office shelves.

Not a team-player? No worries, those players, who prefer to bask in their own glory, can outdo themselves and their opponents in their attempts at receiving a Master of Research Certificate, by sending in their best goods to the newly created Royal Quality Institute.

With Columbus’s Egg and a Heart engraved in Wood, the Kapi Regnum team has also added two exciting new status symbols that players may acquire to increase their reputation and status points.

In the interest of usability, all buildings can in future be listed by ID, time and name, whereas the knowledge gained during researches may be sorted according to name or advantage. Pamphlet administration can be taken care of with just one click for those players owning a Premium Account. Premium users also now have exclusive access to a couple of interesting hidden beta features, such as clock that’s been added to the main menu, as well as a countdown for production buildings.

Interested in new quests? No problem either; but beware, you might encounter a sinister dark shape with mysterious motives …


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