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Weed Whackers and Photosynthesis Floggers
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-06-11 06:41:21

With now more than 16.000 registered users, the run on every garden gnome’s paradise, “Molehill Empire” is continuing. “Time for a few updates”, or so the game providers upjers must have thought, and set their programmers and graphic artists to work. And they have done an amazing job, so that all players can now look forward to brand-new products and some additional game features.

The already 30 different plants have been joined by lilies, crocuses, cornflowers, orchids and an olive tree that will provide for some Mediterranean flair in the backyard. If you can’t imagine anything more wonderful than spending a night in front of the camp fire, then you can now add a happily flickering animated fire site to your garden. An additional piece of decoration you’ll receive, among a couple of other surprises, only for solving one of the several new quests. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say: Don’t let it get to close to the flames of your new campfire …

As new special feature, a regularly running competition will be added to the game. Similar to the contest in the economy simulation Kapilands and Kapi Regnum, players will now be able to gain some additional glory in the form of medals. For 2 weeks at a time, players will be able to compete for a place on the podium and be rewarded with a respective medal and a shiny new cup in the shape of a posing garden gnome.

The title of Molehill Emperor, that signifies the highest reachable level in Molehill Empire, will only be awarded to the busiest garden gnomes, and to ensure this for all eternity, the creators have conjured up a couple of additional levels. So the level “Nut cracker” (now coined Walnut Watcher) won’t be followed by the crown of Molehill Empire, but by the levels Lily Lobbyist, Orchid Grower, Crocus Pocus, Weed Whacker and Photosynthesis Flogger.


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