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Dragons Gone Wild has launched!
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2008-06-16 07:13:53
The Forlorn Games team is extremely happy to announce the new pet management game called Dragons Gone Wild has now been released and is available to play for free to anyone with a compatible web browser.

Dragons Gone Wild is a totally free online browser based game that can be played in almost any browser and allows you to manage stables of dragons, raise your dragon from a simple egg all the way up to an elder dragon and then breed more dragons or send your pets out to fight and gain your notoriety, gold, fame, spell points and other special rewards!

Pet owners can also enter their prized pets into competitions and contests that are judged on a daily or weekly basis!

The launch on Friday 13th June went off without problem and many new features have already been added, so feel free to stop by and find out if you have what it takes to be the next great Dragon master!

To signup go to and click on the Signup button.


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