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Evernight has gone free for six months!
Type News
Game General
Submitted by wyrm419
Created 2008-07-05 17:13:05
The ownership team at EN has decided to remove the subscription requirement and open it to the gaming community for FREE over the next months while they work on a beta release.

If you like strategy, diplomacy, sci-fi fantasy with light role playing and a shot at world domination, this is your game.
The flavor of the game play is similar to Risk or Diplomacy with elements of Chess and Dungeons and Dragons. The kicker is: up to 50 players can play an international, English speaking community!

So...whether you are a social gamer or a hard core strategist, Evernight has something for you. From excellent, balanced game mechanics to a community of real people who post in active Newsgroups and e-mail we have it all.

Come join the fun...

War well!

ArchMagician Maximus Prime


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