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Nations of WAR and a 30 day round on Battlefield TWO.
Type News
Game General
Submitted by joeloach
Created 2008-09-01 18:58:57
Okay so the round will last 29 days, but that is very close to 30...and with the WAR game being a 2-minute tick based game, that actually maths out to about 9 months+ of most games!
This is not quite Everquest or Rise of Nations, well maybe Rise of Nations duration, but it will for sure challenge YOU and anyone else in the game.

EVERY player receives a free Bronze membership which will give you a lot of FREE options to assist you while offline, and EVERY player can build missiles that can kill a person whom spends $$$ trying to win.

That is actually the goal of quite a few players that do not spend any $ on the game, they simply come to ruin the day of those that have spent cash too play.

This game has action 24/7 when it is running, and since we are not Canadian owned, operated or programmed that means the game...runs.

Battlefield 2 starts on September 2nd and will run until September 30th with two minute ticks.


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