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Molehill Empire remains browser game blockbuster
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-09-25 12:40:18
AutumnĎs upon us and the cold, grey days are starting to approach. But no worries, for the garden season is still alive and kicking at Molehill Empire, this yearís new browser game sensation. And more and players have turned in their virtual swords for plowshares, in order to create their very own Garden of Eden.

So far over 20.000 browser gamers have taken up the virtual identity of busy Garden Gnomes and are happily planting, watering, harvesting and trading on So whatís the secret of Molehill Empire? A colorful garden simulation with a twist and a huge cuteness factor, the game, developed by the German company upjers ( cunningly combines elements of the classic economy simulation with beautifully rendered and animated 3d-graphics, set in a cute little garden.

Having taken on the care of their own virtual garden, players are able to plant, water and even watch their flowers, bushes, trees and veggies grow. What to sow next? With more than 30 different plants to choose from, Molehill Empire provides more than enough variety. Of course even a gardenerís life is not for free and in order to afford new seedlings, the produce needs to be sold. No problems here though, a quick jump on the bike carries you directly towards the market place in Green Valley, where the harvest can be sold to thousands of other players. While youíre there, take the chance to look around and visit the shops, or take the bus to the neighboring city Hedgerow Ville.

But donít forget the customers waiting right in front of your fence, eager to hand you their shopping lists and looking forward to carrying their purchase home in their shopping baskets. With an entertaining quest system, regularly running competitions and the option to create your very own display garden, to be presented and rated all over the world wide web, Molehill Empire offers a variety of different gameplay options, that have quickly turned it into one of the one of the most exciting newcomers in the browser game universe.


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