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Daimonin BETA 2 released
Type News
Game General
Submitted by michtoen
Created 2004-05-16 12:34:53

The open source MMORGP Daimonin has released the official beta 2.
The game and engine has entered a new stage.


This version improved every area of the game

- new player race
- new female player character graphics
- about 100+ new base weapons
- over 120+ new armour objects
- about several hundreds other new game objects
- extended outdoor world maps
- several new dungeons and maps
- about 25 new monsters and NPC's
- several new skills and spells
- day & night with new lighting engine
- monster spawns depending on daytime
- new Area of Effect spells
- now quest system with several scripted quests
- one drop quest items system
- new /con system (grey, green, blue, yellow, orange, red, purple)
- new exp and level charts
- new and easy to access skill and spell lists
- mouse moving and targeting
- mouse tooltips for equipment
- splited text window, sizable and with alpha blending
- new option and key bind menu
- shown regenration rate of hp, mana and grace
- simplified AC/WC and level system
- advanced map editor
- new and easier package installation
- binary server/client protocol
- numerous improvements to the server code
- advanced script system using OO Python scripts
... several hundred more detail changes

Some screenshots:


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