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Raging Universe is back!
Type News
Game Raging Universe
Submitted by europa
Created 2008-10-12 07:30:12
Raging Universe has returned. After a year-plus long hiatus, we are finally back online.

There have been numerous changes to the game since we last ran a round, mostly to the backend. We have moved to a faster and much more stable database platform, which will let the game run a lot faster then before without a lot of the headaches.

The game interface has had a few minor fixes applied and a lot of bugs fixed, but for the most part the game is back to more of a "classic" RU game then we had initially planned this release to be.

So have fun, and please help us test out this release. A testing round will begin at Noon on October 8th, and will run for 30 days. During this time we are looking for players to test everything out, and please report any problems that you may find so we can make the game even bettter.


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