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Type Review
Game Cantr II
Submitted by iconoclasm
Created 2008-10-27 13:46:56
Cantr is very unique and addicting. You have the ability to run up to 15 different characters. Your indivdual characters are not allowed to act as a team and are distributed around the Cantr world. Each individual character experience will vary. These expereinces can run the gambit between struggling to keep everyone fed to deciding what to name your car.

As the game states you may have to wait days before getting a response to a statement your chracter makes. This makes it a great infrequent game.

Most of the flavor of the game comes from role playing though these situations. The unfortuate thing in Cantr is that in any given area:

20% of the characters will idle stand there until they starve (people who have lost interest)

20% will be busily working on their own things without paying attention to what else occurs (people soloing and not roleplaying).

50% merely skim the text of what goes on which gives the general feeling of being ignored and causes misunderstandings. (people who only role-play is limited by thier limited time (they only pay attention)

10% actually make some kind of attempt to read in detail prior events and role-play

This gives the general impression of being ignored. As in life you may have to repeat yourself every week or so to make sure all actaully listened to something.

The game is generally run by those skimming role-players as they have spent significant amounts of time becoming established and have settled into a maintenace mode and squash anything that disturbs them as a player not as a character.

The lack of attention by 90% of the players makes it a very accurate and very slow society simulator which makes it very much not worth investing time in playing.

Role-playing in Cantr is at the same level of role-playing on any non-role-playing game. Few do most don't or don't do it well. Most of the player created culture in the game are from a time when the players were interacting more than they do now.

cantrplayer 2010-01-05 20:47:23
Ok, first of all, all the people supporting the mods of Cantr, are most likely the mods of Cantr.
The fact is, the players are often harassed for doing nothing. It has happend to about half of the population. As for the other half, they fall into the category of being over harassed for a minor offense.
The biggest problem is that the mods are players. One of my players killed some mod guys player, so then I logged on the next day to find my account locked for some bogus reason. When I was finally able to get back on (with the mod admitting he was "mistaken"), some other player had traveled to my town, broken locks going directly to the room I was in, and killed my character after saying many nasty things. I tried to report this in hopes that it was just one bad apple of thier staff, but my continous email were simply ignored.
Cantr is a great game that I suggest everybody should try out. Although what ruins the whole game is the mods.
The mods are the biggest cheaters themselves. And everybody else is powerless to stop them. Its very sad how they ruin the game.
Seko 2009-01-11 17:12:12
You don't always have to wait for days to get a response - in fact in many towns people tend to be on-line at the same time and have almost real time discussions and role-playing. But Cantr has players from all around the world, so you might end up dealing with someone who's only on-line when you're sleeping. Active players tend to log in at least once a day, while the biggest addicts can spend the whole day ready to check new events as they appear. Even though the game itself is browser-based, you can download an application that notifies you of new events.

The statistics iconoclasm wrote are most likely based on his opinion rather than a case study. But the sad truth is that there are plenty of characters who never wake up, maybe because their players couldn't figure out how to play or never even received a notification of their account being accepted (there have been frequent problems with the mailing system). There are also inactive characters belonging to players who have lost interest but don't have the heart or guts to actually make the decision to kill them off. Since all characters need in order to survive is food (which is easy to acquire on most regions), a character might stay alive for weeks even if the player wasn't checking it. Accounts time out after two weeks of inactivity (as far as I can remember) but a player might concentrate on playing their favorite characters and leave their boring characters untended, in which case those characters will continue to exist until they starve to death or are killed by animals or people.

There are players who are turned off by constant chatter or drama and may keep their characters silent for that reason. Then there are others that enjoy role-playing things such as swimming, mud fights or lovers' quarrels. These groups might find each other annoying but they create a diverse community.
iconoclasm 2008-11-08 00:27:25
As you can see by Voltenion's response the game is dominated by emotional skim then squash mentality totally missing the text that is set before them.
Voltenion 2008-11-07 23:20:27
Hehehe...I Won. :P
voltenion 2008-10-29 20:25:14
You stinking fat ass. Get out of that stupid chair and go buy yourself a bigger one. Wharever just stay there and play the games you like but stop trying to kill those other people love. Just because you don't like it, although in Cantr's case it's probably because you don't get the point of it, doesn't mean you have to screw it up. It's a great game, it needs time and work of the own player, you don't get it all made for you by the loving, predictable and boring NPC's, but that's the fun of the game. It's not about you waiting for that 10% of people to RP so you can fit in it. It's about you creating the RP. Geez, "at the same level of role-playing on any non-role-playing game"? Really? It's the fucking only game I've known that actually makes sense of the name Role-Play. You actually get to chose what your charrie personality is going to be like, you can actually role-play actions on the game. I don't understand where hitting F2 to send the Magic Fire Ball of Death and Darkness Go Emos to kill the monster IS Role-playing.

With Love,

Your Pain in the ass. (in the mood)

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