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Molehill Empire - A new world is dawning
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-10-28 12:21:17
The garden season may officially be over, but the run on this yearís browser game smash hit, the garden simulation Molehill Empire, is continuing. More than 25.000 browser game fans have already created their very own virtual Garden of Eden on, and new registrations are increasing rapidly; So rapidly in fact, that itís starting to get crowded on world one. Teenagers, students, housewives- and men, real-life gardeners, hard-headed businessmen and brown-thumbed city-dwellers alike, have already discovered the colorful world of Molehill Empire, and more registrations are coming in by the minute.

So that the virtual gardeners wonít start trampling on each otherís feet, the German game-providers upjers ( have now decided to launch a brand-new second game-world. Opening its virtual gates on Wednesday, October 28th, world two will offer fun, entertainment and lots of fertile land to all browser game fans, newcomers and Molehill Empire veterans alike.

Itís time to turn your swords to plowshares, for instead of being faced with a battalion of grim soldiers and honorable knights, an army of friendly Garden Gnomes will welcome you into the world of Molehill Empire. No need for shields and swords, the only enemy that may surprise you here is a cheeky mole, resilient weeds, rocks and tree stumps. Taking on the job of an industrious garden gnome, you will soon turn an overgrown patch of green into a beautiful, blooming oasis. And thanks to the beautifully rendered 3D-graphics, you can even watch your plants grow.

Visit the friendly towns of Hedgerow Ville and Green Valley to trade with other players, buy new decorations and seeds, or sell your plants to the customers stopping by at your garden gate. With randomly occurring quests, regularly run gardening competitions, a soon-to-be-launched ingame newspaper, created by players for players, and various other features, Molehill Empire offers fun and entertainment to players of all ages. So donít forget to register on world 2 of and claim your very own virtual oasis!


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