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Free Premium Accounts for all hucksters
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2008-11-14 08:13:04
Attention, all you hucksters! Donít worry; weíre not after your money, on the contrary! The medieval economy simulation has just received a brand-new update, offering a one monthís premium membership to all players from the level huckster onwards. Completely free of charge, of course!

A premium account has lots to offer: Additional building lots and storehouses will allow you to further enlarge your own medieval metropolis, and administrative buildings ensure that no provosts will lose sight of all their different tasks.

It helps to advertise Ė even in the Middle Ages. Thatís why premium users can advertise in their stores, upload their own banners, or post additional adverts at the market place.

Just a quick look into your own account, choose the option Test premium account for free and you can enjoy the special premium features for an entire month. No worries, if youíd like to return into medieval everyday life after the test phase has run out, all you need to do is let it run out, and itís back to regular toiling again, without any hidden subscriptions. If you, however have learned to enjoy the accountís amenities, a newly installed automated system message will now remind even the most forgetful provost, that the membership will expire shortly, leaving everyone enough time to renew it.

The update offers lots more than a free premium membership, however. A renewed quest-system offers long-term entertainment and extra challenges for all Regnum users, and all players at higher levels can now look forward to a number of new city hall images.

Guild members busily working at creating a Wonder of the World will be happy to hear that new and even better rewards for completing that ambitious task, have also been included in the update.

I could go on listing all the exciting new features, but why donít you just stop by at and see for yourself? Create your own medieval metropolis on Kapi Regnum. Your subjects are awaiting your orders!


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