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Chapter 2 - Secrets of the Starforge
Type News
Game Gal-Com Star Wars PBBG
Submitted by Nefarious Drakiel
Created 2008-11-18 05:33:29
Bug Fixes

* Building Permissions: Fixed a bug preventing building permissions from granting access to those with permission.
* Repair Hull: Fixed a bug preventing players from using the droid command Repair Hull.
* Seize Planet: Fixed a bug preventing the Seize Planet option from being available in some situations.

New Features

* Class: Civilian: A new class and rank ladder has been added for those who end up in the Civilian faction.
* Galactic Senate: Faction leaders/XOs may now elect to join the Galactic Senate. The Senate allows factions to vote on a number of laws, with the results of each vote affecting every faction that is a member.
* Player Organisations: It is now possible for characters who are Level 10 or higher to form a Player Organisation. Player Organisations allow for groups of players to work together in a variety of ways. To register an organisation, simply head into any building you control.
Characters of any level may join an organisation by visiting one of the buildings it controls.
* Reverse Engineering: Characters with at least 30 Engineering can now use a crafting station to reverse engineer craftable items. Depending on the level of success you will gain one or two components, and may also learn the schematic to the item reverse engineered.

New Quests

* Unleashing The Starforge: Available to those who have completed Rise Of The Sith, this quest will determine which faction recieves the mighty Starforge. The first player to complete this quest will unlock the Starforge for their faction, and noone else will be able to start or complete the quest.

NPC Upgrades

* Combat Targetting: Several improvements have been made to NPC's combat targetting, as we continue to hone this new feature ready for use by players.


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