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Episode 1 - Rise of the Sith
Type News
Game Gal-Com Star Wars PBBG
Submitted by Nefarious Drakiel
Created 2008-11-18 05:35:12
Affiliation HQ

* Politics: Certain changes in political status will now generate an event in the timeline, displayed on the homepage, as well as provide Prestige/Infamy to the character making the changes.
* Research: It is now possible to begin Research Projects. Research is used to unlock affiliation-only items, and will allow items to be unlocked by the first affiliation to finish researching them.

Bug Fixes

* Prisoners: Fixed an issue with the display of a prisoners health.
* Quest NPCs: NPCs spawned by a quest will no longer offer inappropriate interactions. If a quest NPC is supposed to attack, it will now attack every time. This bug fix also paves the way for future quests introducing other NPC actions, for example being trained by or buying an item from an NPC.
* Research Points: Fixed a bug with Research Point generation. All factions should now generate the correct number of Research Points in daily updates.
* Ship Finder: Fixed a bug that was preventing docked ships from being indicated as docked on the Ship Finder.
* Smuggler Missions: Fixed a bug that was preventing Smugglers from accessing their affiliation-only missions Sell Contraband and Smuggle Goods.
* Vehicles: Fixed an exploit allowing characters to use vehicles to avoid being attacked. Characters in vehicles can now be interacted with by anyone on the planets surface.

Gameplay Changes

* Commpanel: Prisoners can now use the Local comm channel to communicate with one another. You can communicate with anyone who is held captive by the same person as yourself. This upgrade to the commpanel will soon be expanded to include in-ship, in-building and in-vehicile communication.

Interface Changes

* Commlink: The commlink menu item will now display when you have new comm messages. Note that opening the commlink will mark all your comms as read, so be sure to check all commlink tabs.
* Planetary Map: A new graphical map has been introduced to replace the Nearby Lifeforms option.
* Prisoner Options: The options displayed when viewing a prisoner are now determined by the building you are in, which makes sense as the options will only work within the right building.
* Schematics: Separated components from completed items on the schematics screen, to make it easier to see what your character can build.

New Buildings

* Slave Camp: Slave camps allow members of Slaving factions to enslave their prisoners. Slaves cannot be executed, but can still escape and can view their current location. Slaves can be transfered like normal prisoners, and remain slaves even if transfered to a non-Slaver. Note that once a prisoner has been Enslaved, they cannot be converted to a prisoner again.
* Transit Station: Transit stations provide a convenient way to move between major centers. For a small fee you can quickly travel to any transit station on the planet you're on.
* Workshop: Workshops provide all the tools an Engineer needs for fabrication. Workshops also provide training in new schematics.

New Missions

* Track Creature: This mission allows a skilled creature handler to track & locate any creatures nearby.

New Quests

* Rise Of The Sith: Despite their war with the Jedi, the Sith Empire have been largely quiet in galactic affairs. A chance encounter may reveal a glimpse of their sinister plans for the galaxy...
* We Must Be Cautious: The first Jedi Class quest, this is available to all Jedi, beginning the journey toward mastery of the Force.


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