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Chapter 3 - Great Sith War
Type News
Game Gal-Com Star Wars PBBG
Submitted by Nefarious Drakiel
Created 2008-12-02 04:56:11
Affiliation HQ

* Leadership Style: Faction leaders can now choose between several Leadership styles, affecting HQ access and how new leaders are decided.
* Treaties: Faction leaders, XO's and Foreign Advisors can now form treaties with other factions via the new Politics system. Treaty offers are sent to the HQ comm channel, so be sure to check your commlink.

Bug Fixes

* Blockade Running: Fixed a bug preventing a characters ships and prisoners from moving when captured by a blockade.
* Breath Control: Breath Control should now correctly allow a Force user to enter water terrain.
* Force Powers: Fixed a bug preventing Jedi from using Dark powers and vice versa, when the powers should in fact be usable.
* Holocrons: Patched an exploit allowing characters to repair a Holocron to unfairly grind Tier points.
* Study Secrets: Fixed a bug preventing characters from gaining any benefit from the Study Secrets mission, available by using a Jedi or Sith Holocron.

Gameplay Changes

* Force Tiers: Current Force Tiers, as well as percentage progress towards the next tier, is now shown on the Force Powers screen available to Force-Sensitive characters.
* Holocrons: Holocrons may now be used by any Force Sensitive character, not solely those in the Jedi/Sith orders.
* Invasion: It is now possible to commence invasion from a Stronghold as well as a Forward Command Post. The FCP remains the only building constructable on an enemy planet, and Strongholds only function in this manner for their own faction members.
* NPC Loot: Loot items for NPC's are now determined when the NPC is generated, rather than when the NPC is defeated. Further improvements to the loot system will take place over the next few upgrades.

Interface Changes

* Map: The map will now display nearby NPC's and Players with new terrain icons, rather than the hard-to-spot border highlights.

New Features

* Combat Targetting: Characters with at least 40 Combat can now make use of new aimed attacks, targetting sections of their opponents body to potentially inflict greater damage. Manually targetting an enemy increases the difficulty of hitting them, based on where you target,

New Items

* Droid Upgrades: Several new droid-only biomods have been added to the game, which can be fabricated by your local Droid Technician.

New Quests

* Serve The People: All new citizens of the Alsakan Tessent must prove their commitment to the State and its People.
* Turning The Tide: The next chapter in the Starforge saga sees non-Sith embarking on a quest to discover a way to destroy the Starforge.

The remaining features of Chapter 3 will be released over the next two weeks. Chapter 3 will continue until the Great Sith War comes to a conclusion, either with the defeat or total victory of the Sith Empire.

kingjalen10 2008-12-28 22:45:46

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