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Kiss the Don's ring...or die!!
Type Review
Game Free Mafia Game
Submitted by Petersab
Created 2009-01-12 02:51:55
Your probably thinking...not another mafia game. Thats exactly what i thought after trying out most others online...sign in, try it out, get bored after an hour and leave. Well, i have now been playing Free Mafia Game for over a year and i'm still having as much fun now as i did in the first hour of playing it. There's alot of mafia game's out there that promise many things but fail to deliver. Free Mafia Game puts a tick in all the boxes.
Jackpot prize? Check! Friendly and helpful staff? Check! Fun and easy to learn? Check! I could go on and on... and on about the positives in this game but it would be best for you to come find out for yourself. Come join me and lets go start a war!!


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