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Forlorn Hope Online - Player Towns
Type News
Game Forlorn Hope: Online
Submitted by Decius
Created 2004-06-22 14:24:11
Forlorn Hope: Online, a truly massive online browser based role playing game with a great player base would like to announce the introduction of Player Towns on June the 26th.

Forlorn Hope: Online since its launch over 2 years ago has always provided player housing and there are over some 60 different types of buildings to own or build, this latest release sees the introduction of a brand new realm which allows players to buy land and found towns.

Player Towns allow the founder to act as Mayor and customise both the tile and the buildings on his tile, as Mayor you will be able to change the Terrain type the appearance and name of both tiles and buildings alike. You will also be able to add Items to your town and set varying levels of taxation on buildings on your land.

As Mayor you can own up to 81 tiles of land on a map with 10,000 tiles, you also gain access to more advanced forms of Player Owned Vendors allowing you to setup new forms of shops such as Banks and Quest Masters.

This planned new change is expected to go live the weekend beginning June 26th so stop on by .


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