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Get ready for a hot February!
Type News
Game General
Submitted by pearlbay
Created 2009-02-03 06:23:03

Take off those carnival masks and get into your pilot's uniforms! With a new championship starting on, there is heaps of exciting online racing action waiting for you. The third fully automatised RumbleRace championship guarantees a month full of excitement, head-to-head races and amazing prizes for the successful pilots.

With 40 Coins and 4 X4-tunings to look forward to as first prize, and still an amazing 400.000 RumbleDollars and 15 Coins for the team on 20th place, nearly everyone is a winner in this February's championship. All you need to participate is an E license and a hot "Snake". The powerful racer will take you down the dangerous courses from Dover to London without any scratch - well, always depending on how generous and careful your opponents are, of course! So if you don't own a Snake already, then it's time to hit the car-dealer and get yourself one; otherwise there is still enough time to get a few tunings in until the kick-off at 11 pm GMT+1.

Cool cars, exciting races: Get ready to rumble and enjoy a hot February on


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