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Soon Launching New Worlds' 2nd Season
Type News
Game New Worlds Project
Submitted by aomtealfox
Created 2004-06-28 18:47:28
For a year now, our role-players have been constructing an epic war

“If there’s a Gohorn bastard that dares come across our path, we’ll be sure to blow ‘em out of the sky.”

"General Quarters! we are under attack, all fighter pilots to the bays immediately! I repeat General Quarters, we are under attack!"

"The target is the planet Fycus VI, close to a key strategic Gohorn strong-hold. If we conquer this planet we will have a jumping off point in to the next six sectors and have an opportunity to push the Gohorns back from their own territory."

"All hands this is the commander speaking prepare for battle condtions. Power all weapons sytems but do not fire unless upon my express command."

The war still continues, taking greater proportions

"The Gohorn Velakor's senior command has announced the commencement of Operation Forceful Derailment, a military operation that aims to stop human convoys to the Neutral Worlds."

"Because of the timing of the bombing and the location of the explosion it is a suspected sabotage of the conference itself. No leads as of yet on who may have perpetrated the crime, however experts have admitted the origin of the blast was from within the hotel."

"We've lost Secure 3!"

"Torpedo launched and closing... second torpedo launched ... standard spread."

So what are you still sitting around for?

The New Worlds Project: Soon starting our 2nd Season. for more information


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