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Forlorn Hope: Online August Updates
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2004-08-03 20:16:38
Forlorn Hope: Online, a truly massive online browser based role playing game with a great player base would like to announce the introduction of 6 new races.

On August the 2nd the new playable race Watuman was enabled, this is a race accessible to all (f2p and p2p alike). Watuman are a human like breed with pale shimmering blue skin and fins and gills enabling them to swim expertly, while they do not like not favor land they can also come out of the water for short periods of time. If only to have a dust bath.

This is the first race in a series of 6 new races that will be added this month, while the first race is free the remaining 5 races will be something of a first for us. They will be special races that can be unlocked by paying a simple one time fee of $5 per race. The new races that can be unlocked in this way are the Wyvern, Duergar, Sprite, Revenar and Wretch.

Finally i would like to remind everyone that our Guide Competition closes in under a month (September 1st), so there is still time to write your profession guide so you stand a chance of winning months of p2p time. Please read the competition notice for more information.

Stop on by to signup to play the game.


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