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Pardus Update
Type News
Game General
Submitted by bladefist
Created 2009-06-20 03:50:22
Pardus, a free space-themed MMOBG, has been seeing a lot of new implements and tweaks lately.
The most recent includes new ship equipment enabling pilots to scan nearby vessels for any contraband goods in their cargo hold. Any findings are forwarded to local faction authorities who will then try to seize the illegal items.
NPC AI has reached a new level after extensive testing and designing, allowing some NPCs to modify behavior based on a variety of factors, adding a lot of depth to player-NPC interactions.
Numerous adjustments to ships, weapons and equipment have been made recently, and a number of new ways to customize the user interface, including sizable navigation charts and sorting of nearby ships.
More new features are on the way, visit to sign up!


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