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Forlorn Hope Online - Mid Month Update
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2004-09-14 17:57:17
Forlorn Hope: Online, a truly massive online browser based role playing game with a great community would like to announce two great changes.

Account Lottery
We have now got an Account Lottery in place, at the end of each month we will choose one free account and upgrade that account to a pay account for a full month.

All free accounts are automatically added to this lottery draw if they have been active within the last week, this will hopefully give some of our younger players access to features they perhaps couldnt afford before.

Alliance and Guild Warfare
A replacement system has been devised for our Alliance warfare system, presently the system comprises of taking and holding forts within a seperate map in the game world, the new system expands the Fort taking process and makes it something that requires multiple players participating for a fort to stand a chance of being taken.

The new system requires an Alliance to capture 5 flags within the fort (out of a possible total of 8), once the alliance has 5 flags the fort is captured and enemies thrown over the ramparts.

We are very happy with this new fort system and have so far had extremely positive feedback from our playerbase and will be rolling the system out to all 20 or so forts.

Visit to signup to play the game.


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